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Answered By: Tim McAllister
Last Updated: Jun 15, 2016     Views: 96

U.S. public companies hold annual shareholder meetings.  These meetings give shareholders the opportunity to push corporate boards and managers to action (or at least disclosure).

Shareholders often pursue governance issues like:

  • executive compensation
  • political campaign contributions
  • climate impact

Here are some useful resources for learning more about corporate governance!


Corporations (with Corporate Governance) (Research Guide)

BNA Corporate Governance Library (E-Resource)

Practice Guides

Principles of Corporate Governance: Analysis & Recommendations (West)

Corporate Governance: Law & Practice (Lexis)

Corporate Governance (cross-country comparative) (HUID)

Corporate Governance Report (daily updates on industry) (Bloomberg-BNA)

Law Firm Memos

Memos are a great resource for learning about SEC regulations and legal practices. For an efficient search, use Knowledge Mosaic.


HLS Forum on Corporate Governance & Financial Regulation

Davis Polk Briefing: Governance


Company charters, bylaws & shareholder rights plans

Analysis on merger deals, including on poison pills

Data Sources

Corporate Library
Corporate governance, board and compensation information

Tracks executive compensation in S&P 1000 firms

Answered by Tim McAllister
Last Updated: Jun 15, 2016     Views: 96