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Answered By: Doug Farr
Last Updated: Mar 01, 2017     Views: 11

No, but you can see this information in Canvas. There are two ways to view it:

(1) View the time and date stamp of a single student submission. Click the "Grades" tab on the left navigation of the course. Hover over the cell in the table that corresponds to the assignment (column) and student (row) that you want to view. Click on the upper right corner “speech bubble” link that appears in the cell. A window will pop up that shows you details of the submission, including the time and date it was submitted.

(2) Sort all your students by the time they submitted an assignment and scroll through their submissions. Click on the column heading of the assignment you want to view and then click on the arrow that appears. Choose “Speedgrader” from the drop-down menu. When you get to Speedgrader, you will see a window with a student submission already loaded, a student name in a bar on the top left, and lots of information about the submission on the right.  Click on the small “Settings” link just above the right sidebar and choose “the date they submitted the assignment” from the drop down list of sort options. This will allow you to scroll through the student submissions in the order in which they submitted their assignments. Do this by clicking on the right arrow next to the student name in the upper left.  The Speedgrader will show you the assignment submission in the main window and the time and date stamp on the right sidebar. You can also download the submission directly from the right sidebar. Fun fact: if a student submitted more than once, you will see a “Submission to view” menu on the right sidebar with the latest submission. You can click the arrow to choose an earlier submission.

See this link for how to access Speedgrader from the Gradebook:

See this link for info on how to sort student submissions in Speedgrader: