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Answered By: Doug Farr
Last Updated: Mar 01, 2017     Views: 8

Most likely the name of the page was changed.  When TLC created a link to a page in Canvas, it is pointing to a URL address that has the title of the page in it. To fix this, you need to update the link with the new page title. 

If you created a redirect on the left navigation, to go to Course Settings, then “Apps”, then “View App Configurations” on the upper right. Find the link you are trying to fix in the list and click on the wheel icon to the right.  Click “Edit”. Then copy and paste the new URL (with the new page name) in the “Custom Fields” box. Make sure you don’t paste over the “url=”.

If you linked to the page on the Home Page (or in an Announcement or Assignment, etc), go back to the Home Page (or Announcement, etc) and click “Edit”. Then, go to the link and highlight it. Find the new page title under the “Links” tab in the Content Selector box to the right. Click on it once to copy the new link into the page.