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Answered By: Dan Breidenbach
Last Updated: Mar 01, 2017     Views: 18


Go to Calendar -> Scheduler -> The specific appointment group. You will see the name of the appointment group at the top and the list of slots below. Instead of clicking the gear icon (which is where you created slots) click the appropriate slot in the list and click delete. Note that you cannot delete slots in the "Edit" section of the appointment group, only from the list below.

If you do not see the list of slots below it may be because the calendar for that course is not selected. You will see a list of Calendars to the right (a list of colored boxes followed by the name of the course). Make sure the course(s) for which this appointment group is associated is selected. If not, select it. Canvas can only select 10 Calendars at a time, so if you have more than 10 courses within an academic year they may not all be selected.

Note: Students will not receive a notification is a slot within an appointment group.