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Answered By: Mindy Kent
Last Updated: Oct 31, 2018     Views: 2098

Group Study Rooms:

The library has three rooms available for evening and weekend group study on the 3rd floor of Langdell Hall. These conference-style rooms are different sizes and accommodate from 5 to 12 people. Reservations for these rooms can by made via My Rooms

Use of the rooms is governed by the following provisions:

  • Rooms may be reserved after 5 p.m. Monday-Friday and all day on weekends.
  • Rooms may be reserved only by Harvard Law School students.
  • Rooms may be reserved for no fewer than two people.
  • Groups may reserve rooms for at most three hours per day.
  • Rooms may be reserved no more than 21 days in advance.

Other Collaborative Spaces

Collaborative group study is also encouraged in the in the 2nd floor Microforms Room and the main 3d floor Reference area. Room 394, the Library conference room,  is also available on evenings and weekends for collaborative student use. No reservation is required for these spaces. 



Answered by Mindy Kent
Last Updated: Oct 31, 2018     Views: 2098

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