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Answered By: Claire DeMarco
Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016     Views: 6314

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M&A Practice Materials

BNA Mergers & Acquisitions Law Report

Get the Deal Through - M&A (x-country M&A law)

M&A Industry

Business Source Complete allows you to search industry and market reports.  Start with a basic search and then narrow (left hand) by Geography and then Source Type, e.g., Industry Profile and Market Reports.  These reports may indicate whether an industry is consolidating or growing industry.

Deal Pipeline is great for data and news.  From the upper navigation (to the right of the search box), there is an option to search Articles.  This template allows for searching on M&A, by industry, date, geography, etc. 

In addition, next to the Articles link is an option to search Deals.  You can generate spreadsheets of M&A deals based on all sorts of criteria.  From these lists, you can analyze the size of deals, the number of deals, the type of deals, and other trends. 

M&A Data

SDC Platinum offers detailed data on new issues, M&A, syndicated loans & private equity

MergerMetrics provides analysis on the key aspects of merger agreements

Bloomberg Terminal

From the Bloomberg Terminal, login, and type Merger.  You will be prompted for the MA database.  This will allow you to create spreadsheets on M&A deals similar to Deal Pipeline.  Bloomberg allows for more granular searching than Deal Pipeline.

Answered by Claire DeMarco
Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016     Views: 6314