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Answered By: Tim McAllister
Last Updated: Feb 24, 2016     Views: 128

BNA is in daily use by practitioners, especially for lawyers specializing in heavily regulated areas.

BNA publications provide in-depth analysis on a variety of legal issues, along with quick write-ups on the daily activities of agencies, legislatures, courts, lobbyists, think tanks and other entities.  BNA offers an overview, editorial comments, and links to agency reports and rules, bills, cases, and other timely materials.

You can access BNA and set up news alerts in two ways.

One option is to go through the BNA resource directly:

At the top of this page an option for My BNA.  Select My BNA and login to set up email alerts. 

The login is HLSme (which is different from HUID & PIN).

The second option is to set up BNA alerts through Bloomberg Law.

Go to Bloomberg Law and login.  Then, follow this link

To get a Bloomberg Law account, go to (use your HLS email)

Once in, you should select Manage Email Notifications – circled in red below.

Then, scroll down and select your practice area.  Here the ecample is Labor & Employment.


Then, select each publication for which you want to receive an email notification.  I offer below an example for Workplace Immigration.



You should then get an email (maybe branded Bloomberg Law) in the middle of the night for any.  Note that Reports come out weekly and other publications are daily or monthly.

Answered by Tim McAllister
Last Updated: Feb 24, 2016     Views: 128