How To

First question: how do I use this site?

Search all our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) to find the answer you are looking for.  There are different ways to search. Here is a description of each method:

  1. Type your question: You may begin typing a question in the search box in the top left corner. You will notice actual FAQ's beginning to appear, these FAQ's will have titles that match what you are typing. You may also type a single word such as "Video" and get a list of FAQ's to browse through.
  2.  Browse - All: Clicking the "All" button to the right of "Browse" will return a list of all FAQ's. This brings you to the search page, where you can select topics and keywords via checkboxes on the right. Clicking these checkboxes will start to reduce your results to a small subset of what you are looking for.
  3. Browse - Topics: Clicking "Topics" and selecting from the drop down menu will return a list of all FAQ's for that chosen topic. You may select an FAQ from the result list or narrow your choices down further by clicking the Topics or Keywords checkboxes on the right.
  4. Topics Box: You will see a "Topics" box below the "Contact Us" box on the homepage. This box is a word cloud with the same list of Topics from the Topics dropdown menu next to "Browse". The bigger the word font is, the more FAQ's there are for that topic. Clicking a Topic will return a list FAQ's in that topic.

If you are looking for a short video with examples of each method, there is one here.

Don’t find what you are looking for? Contact TLC at: or 617-496-1316.