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Answered By: TLC Department
Last Updated: May 25, 2017     Views: 34

It Depends on the file size.

There are three options:

If the video is under 500mb you can upload it on a page or in an Announcement, Assignment or Discussion using the Rich Content Editor (the word processing bar that appears when you create or edit a page).  Click on the little film strip and then choose “Upload Media” and then “Select Video file”.  

If the video is over 500mb, you cannot upload it directly to a page. What you can do is upload to the "Files" section, and then link the video (just like you would a file) to a page. Note that the course has a file limit of about 8GB, so you will not be able to upload an infinite number of videos.

If you do run into a space issue, the next option is to ask HLS Media Services to upload it to the HLS Video server and place it on the Lecture Videos page.  If this video was not created by HLS, you will need to provide written proof that you have the permissions to post the video on the course website.