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Answered By: TLC Department
Last Updated: May 19, 2017     Views: 26

There are two options, a bulk download of every paper for a certain assignment or downloading an individual student's paper.

Bulk download: Go to the assignment and click "Download Submissions" in the top right corner of the screen. Note that this link will not appear until at least one student has uploaded a paper. Once you click the link you will download a zip file call "downloads" into the downloads folder on your computer. You can unzip this folder by simply clicking on the file, it will create a folder with papers from every student who has submitted a paper at that time.

Individual download: Click "Grades" on the left navigation. You will see the gradebook, which is a grid of students down the left and assignments across the top. Scroll over to a particular assignment and then scroll down to the specific student. If a student has submitted a paper for that assignment you will see a paper icon in the box. Click the top right corner of the cell to open up submissions details. There you will see a link to download the file uploaded by the student.