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Answered By: TLC Department
Last Updated: May 19, 2017     Views: 38


The function that best does this in Canvas is Discussions. You can create a discussion topic with information regarding the paper and how to submit it. A student can reply to this discussion post, and in that reply they can attach a document. Every student would be able to see every other student's work. There is also an option for students to reply to other students posts with comments regarding that students paper. 

Here are the detailed steps:

  1. Go to "Discussions" in the left navigation and click the blue "+ Discussion" button, this  creates a new discussion topic.
  2. The format will look very similar to creating an announcement or an assignment. Give the discussion topic a title and some text.
  3. "Allow Threaded Replies": If this box is checked, there can be replies to replies. This means students and staff can reply to student's responses. If this box is not checked, replies can only be made to the original discussion post.
  4. "Users must post before seeing replies": If this box is checked, students will not be able to see replies from other students until they themselves reply. If students should not see other students papers before they submit their own, this option should be checked.
  5. "Graded": This would create a column in the grade book for the discussion, similar to an assignment. This would allow faculty and staff to see check which students have replied to the discussion post.
  6. Whether or not the discussion is graded, it can an open and close dates, allowing students to only reply/submit a paper during that time frame.

One thing to note, there is no option to batch download all papers submitted by students. Each attached document to a reply would have to be downloaded separately. If you are interested in setting this up feel free to contact us regarding any questions!