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Answered By: TLC Department
Last Updated: May 19, 2017     Views: 34

There are two ways to do this: Course E-mailer and Discussions:

The Course E-mailer uses a list serve to sent out messages to the entire class. The initial e-mail is sent out to the entire class, and every student has the option of clicking "Reply All". If the student clicks reply all, then the message will go through the list serve and e-mail everyone else in the class. NOTE: By default the permissions for the course e-mailer is set at "Class List", meaning everyone in the course (Students and Staff) can sent e-mails to the entire class. If this setting is changed to "Staff Only", then students wil not be able to send messages to the Course E-mailer. They will receive a bounce back message stating so.

Discussions will guarantee all messages made by both faculty and students are visible to the entire class. When creating the discussion topic the "Allow threaded replies" should be checked, and the "Users must post before seeing replies" box should not be checked.