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Answered By: TLC Department
Last Updated: May 19, 2017     Views: 32

There are several ways to do this, and a lot of it depends on how your Canvas site is being used.

If the "Files" tab on the left is not enabled (i.e. grayed out), then students will never have access to the Files section. This means anything that is uploaded to course files cannot be accessed by students, unless a link to that file is given somewhere else in the course that is published. For example, if a document is uploaded to course files and linked to in an announcement, students would be able to access that file via the link.

If the "Files" tab on the left is enabled, then by default students would have access to everything in the Files section. There are options to lock individual files and folders in Canvas, so that even if students can see the course files, certain files and folders can still be locked.  See the documentation on our website for details about locking/hiding specific files and folders.