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Answered By: TLC Department
Last Updated: May 22, 2017     Views: 46

Check your notification preferences in your personal settings and make sure they are both turned on. Here is some detail about them:

Discussion: This sends a notification every time a discussion topic is created in a course you are in.

Discussion Post: This sends a notification every time a post is a made in a discussion topic you are subscribed to. If you created the discussion post, then you are automatically subscribed to the discussion and will receive a notification for every post in that topic. If you did not create the discussion topic, then you need subscribe to the topic in order to receive any notifications from other users posting to that topic. For example if a Faculty Assistant creates a discussion topic, the Faculty member will not receive notifications (even if his or her discussion post notification is set) until he or she subscribes to every discussion post.

For more information about notification settings see Canvas' documentation.