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Answered By: TLC Department
Last Updated: May 19, 2017     Views: 39


If you want to see your former students and their email addresses, go to the Courses icon on your dashboard, then click "All Courses". Find the prior course under "Past Courses".  Click on the course, and then click on the People tab.  You will see that the People tab is empty.  Click on the wheel icon on the far right of the page and choose "View Prior Enrollments".  This will give you a list of students and their emails.  You can click on the student name to see their profile picture.  

If you want to have access to the Course Emailer in your prior course, you will need to send an email to TLC and ask us to unconclude the course. Email TLC at  This will make the course live again; it will show up on your dashboard and on the dashboard of your students. However, users can customize the courses that show up on their dashboard, by going to "All Courses" and clicking the star next to the courses they wish to show on the dashboard.