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Answered By: TLC Department
Last Updated: May 23, 2017     Views: 22

It depends.  

If you go into Pages and modify the page, then you will be accessing the new page and it will not affect the old page. But, if you have imported the page and a redirect link (for example, a custom tab on the left navigation that says "Course Materials"), and you click on that tab to access the page, you will go right back to the old course page.  If you don't realize this, you could make changes to the old page by mistake!

What happens is this: when you import everything in a course, Canvas creates a carbon copy of all the old course's pages in the new course.  The new pages are independent and distinct from the pages in the old course. So, if you go into the new course and click the Pages tab and click View all Pages, and then click on the Course Materials page you will open the new page in the new course.  It will look just like the old page, but you can modify it and it won't affect the page that still is living in the old course. 

Where things get tricky is when there is a custom redirect tab on the left navigation.  When you import all content from a past course, it will also create copies of any custom links on the left navigation. This custom tab will continue to link back to the page on the old course.  So if you are in the new course and you see the Course Materials tab on the left that was imported, and you click on it, it will take you back to the page in the OLD course.  

You can fix this by going to the new course and clicking Settings. Then click the Apps tab.  Click the button that says "View App Configurations". Look for the Course Materials tab (or any other custom tab that was imported). Click on the Wheel icon to the right and choose Edit.  

You will see under Custom Fields a URL that most likely is pointing back to the Course Materials page in the old course.  You can tell this by the unique course number, for example: 


Where "9635" is the location of the old course.   Canvas appends a unique number for each course site after   To fix the custom tab problem, you need to replace the old unique number with the new one.  To find the new number, look at the address in your browser bar when you are in the new course. If you replace the old number with the new one and leave the rest of the address intact, then the custom tab will take you to that page in the new course, not the old one.  Make sure you click "Submit" when you are done!