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Answered By: Claire DeMarco
Last Updated: Mar 06, 2017     Views: 258

Case Citations:

Case citations follow a standard form:

Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. 137 (1803)  

To decipher a reporter abbreviation, try the Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations

Finding an opinion when you have a citation:

Harvard Law School faculty, staff and students can find case law via Westlaw, LexisAdvance or BloombergLaw. Contact the reference desk for password information. 

Harvard University affiliates can find case decisions in LexisNexis Academic or can come to the Law Library to use the Westlaw terminal.

There are also several free sources for legal research. Try Google Scholar (select Case Law and limit to your court) or explore our guide to Free Legal Research Resources.

Always remember to check the validity of your case before relying on it as legal authority.

Here are some other helpful resources on finding case law and court documents:

Answered by Claire DeMarco
Last Updated: Mar 06, 2017     Views: 258

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