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Answered By: Claire DeMarco
Last Updated: Jun 15, 2016     Views: 444

This is a decision from the Bundesgerichtshof, which is Germany's Federal Court of Justice.  The court's website has decisions available from 2000 to the present; however, they are only available in German (as are the sites you need to click through to get there).  I will explain it anyway so that, if you need to in the future, you can find these materials yourself:

1.  Go to Der Bundesgerichshof and click the tab labeled Entscheidungen.

2.  Click the word "Mehr" at the end of the first sentence of text.  This is the link to decisions dated 2000 or later.

3.  Click the link that says Zugang zur Entscheidungsdatenbank des Bundesgerichts.

4.  Under Kalendar on the left side of the screen, click 2010, then click Juni.  These are the cases from June 2010, most recent first.  Click the arrow next to "weiter" at the bottom of the case list screen a few times to come to the cases dated 17.6.2010 (this is June 17, 2010).  You will see the link for your case: AK 3/10.  If you click it, it will open as a PDF.

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Answered by Claire DeMarco
Last Updated: Jun 15, 2016     Views: 444

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